From: Berlin, Germany
Age: 31

Age: 32 years
From: Berlin, Germany

My passion

“I do music… I write songs. I started to do this for myself in my room… nobody knew about it. Just singing about things that keep me busy, kind of, or about love and it kind of developed that I um, played in front of people and they like it and… I got over my doubts and my… um… my secret, kind of with the music… 

…I think it’s always been in my heart, to sing and to express myself throughout melodies”

On the fall of the Berlin wall

“I was pretty small when the wall came down so I didn’t really realize what was going on. I could just tell the differences… little differences in all day life.” 

“One of the biggest things I noticed, with my child eyes was that the stores before the wall came down, they were all grey. I mean, they had everything, like if you wanted to buy milk, bread, and cheese and whatever, but everything was just wrapped in paper and the design didn’t matter so much and after the wall came down, the first thing I bought was bubble gum coz it was so colourful, like a neon pink package and I kept it for a long time inside a book coz it was so pretty. The paper and the bubble gum was so big and whoo! Very different!”

What makes you smile?

“A smile (laughing) No I really think a smile… “

What inspires you?

“Nature inspires me a lot. It’s a place where I calm down and where I make decisions; important decisions”.


“To find my way. To go my own way in life and not to get influenced too much by opinions of other people and of society and pictures, fixed pictures, that are taught about how everything needs to be. Just to find my own way and get to know myself and what is good for me and what I have to do. And I think it lasts all life, probably; to find my own way.” 

What does the world need more of?

“It would be nice if there was more equality for people to understand each other better and respect each other more and get along”.