From: Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya State, India
Age: 33

What makes you smile?

“I never smile alone. I smile when I’m with my friends, I smile when I meet nice people, that’s when I smile…. I never smile alone”.

On love

“It’s complex. I think love is like a seed you know. You plant it, you have to take care of it, till it blooms, then after when it blooms, you have to take care of the seed… plant it… it’s a constant process…If you don’t know how to nurture, it wont’ last”. 

What do you fear?

“I’m scared that… I don’t want to change. I’m scared that… ok, I’m running this place [backpackers], I’m getting money, so I’m scared if I have more money, I’ll change. ….I don’t want  like money to take control over me. If I have more money, I don’t want it to change me. I don’t want outside things to control me….I’m happy being me. So if I change, I won’t be happy anymore, I won’t be me anymore”.