From: Regensburg, Germany
Age: 52

On his profession

“Oh, it’s pretty wonderful I have to tell you because when you start playing flute as a child you don’t think about what will happen in a few years…”

“I think that’s the reason for to make music, the main reason… to tell stories to the audience. Not only stories, but emotions, to get… to get emotions to send to… to get in contact with the audience at least. If this happens it is a very good performance”.

Connection with people

“One of the things that inspires me most is to have guests here in my house, because I get in contact with other people and every time I’m surprised by how they live and where they are coming and where they are going or where they are working. How they eat the breakfast and this inspires me.”

What the world needs more of

“I think the world needs more that all people can decide what they want to do and have the possibility to reach what they want to do. Not only as what they want to be as a profession, but also the way they want to live”.