From: Kisumu, Kenya
Age: 15


Facing an abusive father…
“So, I left home, I started walking… I thought I could walk to Kadecha, coz I knew it was not that far. I had not been told how far it was, so I just started walking. I was like 8 years”.

“Some kids run away from poverty and they cannot handle and this makes them engage in crimes like stealing”.

What do you hope for your future?

“For my future, I’m just planning like to continue with education, there’s some people who say like without education you are able to go anywhere. But for me to achieve my goal of playing for a [football] club in England I should not like, leave education. Before I train that hard, I must be learning…”

What do you think the world needs more of?

“Let me think… If it is about money, the world doesn’t need money…The most thing that the world should have or the world wants, it is education. Many people out there, they are not learning. This leads them not to notice anything. Someone could be doing a wrong thing and not knowing….”