From: Odede village, Kenya
Age: 53


“…Since I was born, I got married; that is one achievement. After getting married, I got children, that is another achievement… I went to school, I passed my examination, and then I was employed, that was an achievement. When I came back and during that time I was employed, I bought some of my things, one being I bought a cow, that cow gave birth to some young ones, that is an achievement. I bought a plough, that is an achievement. I’m now in my home,  that is an achievement…”


“Yeah, it is very good to have your neighbours around, not only your family… One reason is, if your home or house happened to be on fire when you are away, they can rescue before you come back. When you are sick, they are the people who can actually take you to hospital. When you lack something, they are the people who can ask for help. Vice versa, they can also take some help from you. So it is good, to live with people around. You share. You share educationally, you share socially, you share politically, yeah”.

What does the world need more of?

Right now the world needs peace. Right now the world needs more trees to be planted so that global warming is reduced… With peace, if we have got good leaders we will definitely have peace in the world.”