From: Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Age: 18

Growing up

I had to basically clean the house, I had to, you know since I was young. I remember since I was 13 I had to make my own food… I think it’s not a bad thing to have to learn these things. 


I think it’s like when you stay close to the people that make you feel good and happy, that is nice. Yeah, yeah, if you stay close to them, you feel their happiness and it’s like, Oh, I was feeling sad, but I’m not feeling sad anymore. I think staying close to people who make you feel good. I think that’s really important.

On love

Oh I think love is like an amazing feeling you know. It’s like one of the most amazing feelings in the world, but it has lost the principles of meaning, you know, because people just like things, they say love and they don’t really love it.
I think people should do things with love, you know, if I’m going to go do it…. If you really love someone or something, show that you really love it.


Yes, I think it is hard to not have, no male partner at home, you know. It was just me and my Mum living. I think its hard because you don’t have some reference. I think you should have some reference and I just have my Mum. I know my dad has to visit like… I used to visit him, not the way that I want, but ….I used to visit him, but… living with my Mum I just have her as a reference. I think you should have both parents as a reference. That’s important too.


Oh, I think freedom is an amazing thing, but at the same time that you have freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want with who you want also comes the responsibility, because you can do whatever you want, but you also have to face the responsibility if you do something wrong. Ok so I want to do this, I can do this, but will it be good for me, you know, I have to stop and think. Freedom is good you know, but you have to think of the responsibilities.