Age: 35 years
From: Alto Paraiso, Brazil

About him

“When I went to rehab, I understood that I would… let me see… my intention was not to stop with the things, it was just to learn how to have the self control enough to say no. For a lot of things I used to say ‘yes, yes, yes!’”

What makes you smile?

“The smell of the wood on fire, nice meetings or dinners with everybody together, taste of the food. You know, yeah, things that happened when you’re in the street; a cat just hunting or a bird, I don’t know… All those things make me happy, because I’m watching and I’m looking for them and I’m all the time looking for something that no one else is looking for. That makes this thing special and makes it beautiful.”

Your idea of love?

“Love needs to be above all things. I mean, I think sometimes love is also to accept that we’re not perfect. We have a lot of imperfections”.

“The air I’m breathing, the water is washing me, I can drink when I’m thirsty, when I’m hungry I have some food, when I’m cold and I have something to protect me from the cold, yeah… I can feel love in all those things… Amazing things like that”.


“Freedom for me… is more about to say ‘no’ than to say ‘yes’. Because… I can do everything I want, but freedom is I think, realizing the right choice. You need to choose. We can’t have everything, so we need to make the right decisions and when you make the right decisions, that’s freedom”.

On Ubuntu

“I mean… since I heard the first time, this idea of Ubuntu and what they used to do in the African tribes and yeah, I thought, I’m living like this, I’m trying to do this and its nice to know that I’m not alone, you know, and maybe it can be a lonely way, because most of the people don’t mind about connection, about sharing, but I think I always will find someone else to share and I can use this Ubuntu idea or concept in everything everywhere with every people.”