Age: 24 years
From: Petra, Jordan

On her work selling scarves for the Queen Anne Foundation

Something very good. I really like. Something special… because when you feel you’re working and hard, really hard, as you see today and in the end, you know where this money is to go.. to people who really need it, not to work hard and you see the money go to someone who doesn’t need it, then it doesn’t feel worth it. But this… I know exactly where the money will go.

Working and education

Yeah, I left school when I was 14 years old and I’ve been working here just to help my family, that’s why I left school, to help my sister, and help my mother, you know, she’s an old woman, lived in a cave. I don’t want her to work, to do all this thing and that makes me happy you know from inside to do this thing… no this is something that I want… I am happy about it.


[My father has ]…4 wives and there are 12 sisters and 16 brothers. Yeah, big family.


To understand me. Love is something important, but it’s nice to find someone who understand you, understand your way of thinking. Share their life with a nice person you really trust and have that forever


Everything! Freedom is the most important thing. Because you know, for me, I’ve been working here for a long time and one day got married to someone who not let me go to work, only stay in the house and no relationship with friends anymore, this would be horrible life here, as I’m working here. But to somebody else, living this sort of life; they’re under the control of someone else, it’s easy for them. But for me it’s something difficult. I cannot choose this way of life.


“Every second passed from your life to enjoy and do the thing that really makes you happy, every second”.