Age: 35 years
From: Odede village, Kenya

Your day

“In the life of Grace, she wakes up at 5, prepares her young ones, gets them ready for school, their father as well… makes their breakfast, coz he goes to work, he’s a school teacher, then the young ones go to school. After that, I clean the dishes, wash the dishes, clean the rooms, prepare their packed lunch. Take a shower, prepare myself, leave for work at 8. Then work from 8 till 5 or 6, it depends how busy the day is. Then after work, go to the market, get some food for dinner, then come back home, yeah. Busy day. Long day”.

On care

“…if you find someone who is maybe suffering somewhere, if you have something small, you can always donate to help that person, because you don’t know if you are going meet that person again and maybe it is you whom is in trouble and maybe that person who you neglected is going to be the first person who is going to reach you to give you that help. So it is always good to share, you can always share, maybe be attentive to listening if somebody is sharing a problem, maybe listen because you can always get something from that person, you can learn, and that… you can also learn from experience and through that experience you can always teach somebody else…”