Communities and organizations

The Ubuntu Project offers a wider audience the opportunity to learn, appreciate, connect and care more about people living in our global communities. Through the process of collecting stories, the Ubuntu team have connected with various communities and organisations doing amazing work to support and empower people in different parts of the world and, specifically, some of our interviewees. If, after reading some of the Ubuntu stories or watching our videos, you feel inspired to contribute in some way, here are some organisations who would benefit from your support.


This Life Cambodia

- Cambodia -

Our first stop was Siem Reap in Cambodia where we met and worked with the team at This Life Cambodia (TLC). TLC is focused on improving the quality of access to education in Cambodia by listening to, engaging with and advocating alongside communities. Please click here to find out more. The Ubuntu team worked with the team at TLC to produce a short video to help promote the work they do and access the additional funding that they need to continue doing what they do best. Please check out the video here.


World Youth International’s Odede Project

- Kenya -

The Ubuntu Team returned to the village where co-founder, Anna Mortensen first learnt about and felt inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy. In Odede, we reconnected with old friends, started working on a short film to describe and promote the work of World Youth International’s Community Health Centre. Since opening it’s doors a year ago, the health centre, has delivered over 100 babies and supported the health of thousands of community members who would otherwise go without.


The Seaweed Centre

- Zanzibar

Through the Seaweed Centre in Zanzibar, we met Sihaba; one of the women who earns a living through farming and harvesting Seaweed to be made into beauty products.


Novalis Ubuntu Institute

- South Africa -

We participated in a Human Rights discussion at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute, an Insititue dedicated to implementing holistic training programs that benefit underprivileged sectors of the South African society. The Institute also provides innovative holistic educational experiences (workshops, trainings, conferences & retreats) to the adult learners of the local community of Cape Town.


CARE Jordan

- Jordan

We had the honour of meeting Syrian refugee, Younes, in Jordan through our connection with CARE Jordan. Younes shared his experiences of being imprisoned and tortured and losing close friends and family members as a result of the struggle in Syria. Since arriving in Jordan, Younes has received care and support from CARE Jordan who are currently working to meet the needs of thousands of refugees fleeing violence, insecurity and conflict in Iraq and Syria.


Academia Ubuntu

- Portugal

The Ubuntu Team were invited to attend and participate in the first ever Ubuntu Global Network Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by Academia Ubuntu. Academia Ubuntu is a non-formal education project that aims to train young people with high leadership potential, coming from contexts of social exclusion. The main objective of the project is to empower participants leadership to foster the creation and development of an innovative project responding to social needs of their community.






Jangchup Lamrim

- India -

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama’s Teachings of The 18 Great Stages of the Path in Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India from December 25 to January 3. The Dalai Lama has spoken extensively about the importance of compassion and seeing each other as part of the same human race. The Ubuntu Team hope to learn from and connect with The Dalai Lama and his followers to provide further support for the Ubuntu message.


Migosi Family Hope Society

- Kenya -

In Kenya, we met and were blown away by the strength and wisdom of 15-year-old Dickson who has been supported by the Migosi Family Hope Society; a group of family members who are working to support, educate and give much needed love to many of the children in need in the area. We felt so inspired by the work of this organization and by Dickson, himself, that we decided to continue our support by sponsoring one of children who attends their nursery school through their partner organization, Community Seeds.


The Ubuntu Wellness Centre

- South Africa -

We spent an afternoon speaking with the director of the Ubuntu Wellness Centre in Cape Town, Ian MacFarlane. Ian was inspired to create a wellness centre based on the idea that our health and wellness is influenced by the health and wellness of the people around us, and we contribute equally, to their health and wellness. The Wellness Centre is home to the Ubuntu tree, a place to sit, reflect, meditate and receive healing from the amazing healing qualities of this tree. Ian was also inspired to create Ubuntu Touch, a partner project which provides training and job opportunities for disadvantaged women in Cape Town.


Laura's Township Tours

- South Africa -

In Cape Town, we spent the day with Laura, who runs Laura’s Township Tours through the townships of Cape Town with the aim of educating travellers on the lives of people living within the townships. All profits made from her tours go towards funding a pre school set up to provide a safe space for play, food, love and care to over 250 children living in the townships.


The Big Issue

- UK -

In London, UK, the Ubuntu team have linked up with The Big Issue. The Big Issue prides itself on giving a ‘hand up not a handout’ by supporting people in socially and economic difficult situations to earn an honest income by selling The Big Issue magazine. Through The Big Issue, we met vendor, Hazel who has generously shared her story with us and provided us with one of our most memorable and inspiring interviews.