What is the Ubuntu project?

a global exploration of people, stories and connection

Whatever our daily lives look like, wherever in the world we call our home, regardless of our skin colour or social status – we can all recognise certain qualities in ourselves and our fellow human beings; our shared humanity.

"Ubuntu" is a concept that stands for respect, helpfulness, sharing, community, caring, trust, selflessness and so much more. It is a South African philosophy, meaning "I am who I am because of who we all are".

Ubuntu recognises and celebrates our humanity and the impact we all have on one another, underlining the idea shared by so many cultures throughout the times: We are all connected!

When we can connect to someone on a personal level, we no longer view that person as a complete stranger, no longer a statistic, no longer so different from ourselves. They become someone we now care about.

Our mission


Our mission is to capture the sense of a shared humanity through sharing stories from individuals from around the globe so that we can learn from, appreciate, connect to and care more about the people livening in our global community.

Our beauty and strength as people lies in our differences, after all. The idea is that when we take the time to learn about each other on a personal level, we come to realize that, despite our differences, we all have the same human experiences that connect us.


A documentary film inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy and based on interviews with people we met and stories we captured on our global journey.

Meet some of the interviewees here.

Our Story

We are Anna and Tom Davies. The Ubuntu journey began when Anna first had the idea whilst volunteering in a rural community in the west of Kenya in late 2009 to early 2010.

Anna – "The experience of living and working amongst people who came from completely different background to mine opened my eyes to the ease with which we, as human beings can connect. Coming from a country where it is easy to feel removed from the rest of the world, where issues on our own doorstep are often overlooked, made me think about the need for greater awareness, understanding and care amongst people, both within Australia and around the world. This inspired the Ubuntu Project!"

Since then, we have not only found each other through our shared passion for capturing inspiring stories, but also met incredible people from around the world. These people are now a part of the growing worldwide family and are continuously helping to bring The Ubuntu Project to life.


The Ubuntu Project is inspired by the South Africa philosophy of Ubuntu, meaning, “I am who I am because of who we all are”. Ubuntu recognizes and celebrates our shared humanity and the impact we all have on one another; socially, economically, politically, environmentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically…

We are all connected!

The Ubuntu Journey

In December 2013, we embarked on a 10 months round the world journey, travelling through Asia, to Africa, the Middle East, Eruope, South America and North America. 17 different countries across five continents! 

Through our journey we met and connected with people from different backgrounds; a Buddhist monk in India, a 15 year old soccer enthusiast in Kenya, a Big Issue vendor in London, a Syrian refugee in Jordan, singer songwriter in Berlin…

Over 10 months, we interviewed 28 different people about their lives; their experiences, their challenges, their insights, a day in the life of them. We asked each person the same set of questions; What makes you smile? What is your idea of love? What does freedom mean to you? What is an important lesson you’ve learnt?”

These people and their stories are the heart of The Ubuntu Project.

Read about the film here.
Meet some of the Ubuntu interviewees here.